Formation Process

Qualifications for Entrance

“Great care should be taken to ensure that those who are to be received, be persons of prayer, sincerely aspiring to perfection…” - that is, to the imitation of Jesus Christ.

They should be at least seventeen years of age - and thirty-five at the most - have good health physically and emotionally, and be without debts.

Postulancy & Becoming a Novice

An aspirant who is received into the Novitiate will spend six to twelve months of postulancy under the direction of the Mistress of Novices, to verify that she is able to live the life of a Carmelite.

Novitiate with Mistress of Novices

When the time of postulancy is completed, the aspirant receives the holy habit of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and her religious name and title. This period of novitiate lasts for one to two years.

First Vows & Solemn Profession

If the novice wishes to continue, and the community is in agreement, she takes the holy vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience for a period of three years. Then, if she and the community agree, Solemn Final Vows are taken.

Solemn Profession