Our Ordinary Daily Schedule

Clapper Sister

Our ordinary day begins with a knock and the call:

“Praised be Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, His Mother.
Come to prayer, Sisters, come to praise the Lord!”
6:00 A.M.Angelus
Lauds (Morning Prayer)
One hour of mental prayer
Terce (Before Noon Prayer)
7:45Mass bell
8:00Holy Mass - Thanksgiving
9:30Work time
11:30Sext (Midday Prayer) - Examen - Angelus
11:45Dinner - Dishes
Community Recreation
1:30 P.M.Rosary - None (Afternoon Prayer)
2:00Siesta / Spiritual Reading
3:00Prayers for the Dying - Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Work Time
4:40Vespers (Evening Prayer) - Litany and Commemorations
One hour of mental prayer
Angelus - Work time
6:30Supper - Dishes - Grace
7:30 - 8:30Recreation
8:35Compline (Night Prayer) - Great Silence
Office of Readings - Retire
11:00Lights out